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Pura Vida Counseling and Wellness offers diverse group counseling, rooted in understanding and compassion. We believe in learning tools to fulfill your potential. Our evolving facility promotes mind-body connection for optimum mental health. Skilled counselors provide tailored therapies for individuals, couples, and families, including adults and adolescents. We serve active military, veterans, oncology patients, bereaved individuals, and LGBTQIA+ community. Our Wellness section complements our philosophy, with massage therapy and expanding offerings like acupuncture and cryotherapy.  

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We are located

10712 Ballantraye Dr Ste. 310


Fax number (571)3481361



"The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don't wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy."




Support Groups

Small Group Yoga


Pura Vida Counseling and Wellness is accepting new clients. Our wellness services is open to the members of the public as well as our current clients. You may contact us via telephone, email, or by submitting an inquiring form.


"I was interested in cryotherapy for several years so I was excited to learn that Pura Vida Counseling & Wellness was offering it in our area. After three c-sections, I’ve developed a fatty area over my scar and diet/exercise doesn’t seem to help! With several sessions of cryotherapy, I’m excited to have a flat stomach again without downtime or invasive surgery! I also loved my cryofacial— it was so relaxing! The serums they used felt AMAZING and my skin felt soft and hydrated! I left with a glow!" 


Dre A, 40

"Pura Vida created a very relaxed and safe environment.  I felt very comfortable during my counseling sessions. "

Jules H, 26

“Just had my first session of stomach cryo-sculpting with skin tightening. What an amazing experience! I was nervous about how cold it might be but they assured me of all the steps as we went through and there was nothing to have been nervous about at all! Great people doing great things here!”

Kathryn T

“Cryo-facial: so I just had my first cryo-facial with Pura Vida and guys “snap, snap, snap” my skin came out looking better than it has with any other facial. There was no post procedure redness or discomfort just amazing full and glowing skin. 10/10 will be going back again.”


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